Housing Search

Looking for a place can be hard when you don’t have the money required. I hope by working at a temp agency for a few days will help me with my search. Since you have to pay application fees now. But it all good everything will work out like its suppose too.



Hoping for the best getting ready to move. Finally get to move into a house. My kids are so happy that they will have a beackyard. the only part that i am not so happy with is packing and unpacking.

Mental battle

It is hard enough that I’m a single parent, but to have mental and medical issue suck. Just trying to find the balance is hard. But I always will fight for my kids to better then my own parents. To keep them safe and mentally and physically ok. But in this world it’s like this big battle that just goes on and on. Lord help me

People think everything 

People think everything about someone else. Or they compare their life to yours. Not caring it what they say. Or how it makes someone feels that they are not you. Telling you how bad of a parent you are and you never put your kids first. That you can’t deal with life and you shouldn’t have any kids. Its really f***** up how people really think about you. Say one thing to your face and other behind your back.