Today sucks

Today is the most hateful day in the world. I can’t get paid until maybe 30 days from now which is b*******. so that means that my daughter won’t get to go to school for whole f****** month because I can’t buy gas. I will be stuck at home with no phone no internet or anything of any sort. how can people say that they are you to help when they don’t help you. I wish that some of these people can go through what I go through every day so that they can see that is not easy. so on top of that because I’m not getting paid I could be put out anytime this month because I can’t pay my rent how fun is that. man I can’t wait to get on my feet and get a real good paying job site have to worry about this b******* anymore. sorry about all the cussing I’m just really really p*** off. I mean wouldn’t you be mad?

latia’s life.


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