Poeple uhh

How can your own flesh in blood take money from you. I have already given over 1000 dollars in five months. Now you want 800 more knowing that Christmas in around the corner. And I have to fix my car. I would have not one dime left to buy my kids anything. How can you say I will pay you back. When you stayed with me had money coming in. And never helped pay bills or say here this what I can give you. What kind of person lives off a single with two kids. That is barely taking care of her family. Yes I could just say no but then I got to hear about how I should of helped. You know I would help you. Yeah right. You think about yourself and that’s it. I really don’t know a grown a** man can’t take of himself. My brother do and one of them is younger then him. I dont know anymore. I so ready for a change.

latia’s life.


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