Why is it that everyone I know can ask me to change who I am. They don’t even think about what it might do to me. It could make me a better person or a person they don’t want. But it doesn’t matter to long as I do what they ask of me. Or they don’t want nothing else to do with me in there life. Even their kids life. The one thing they don’t realize is how it will affect the kids lives. Long as they have want they want.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. If I may, first of all don’t change who you are, just so people will like you, be who you want to be not what they want you to be. Also if they are willing to push you aside because you don’t honor their wishes, then maybe you don’t really need them in your life. Personally I think it’s not fair for them to put you in that kind of situation. Maybe having a chit chat with them about your concerns? chin up and smile always….Terry

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