I’m so stressed out that I can not keep My self From exploding on poeple. I have to leave my apartment and my cousin is so spacey that he clains to not remember go Crazy on me For no reason. I mean how can you just not remember what you have done to someone but you can say I dont know why I was acting that way. You remember what you did yelling and screaming throwing thing at me and tried to brake my door plus slaming the door on you while your in the doorway. Causing serious pain.but you want me to let you continue to stay with and fight to keep a place I cant call home. My kids dont even want to come home when you are there tell that is not a sign that you should not be there at all. You dont help with bills or food but you can eat food and lay on your ass all day long. While I got some news for you I will not be that person who you think you can run over and not face the consequencesfor making me feel like shit because you cant maintain please you are not better then me if you were doing better you would not need my help. So that would be something to think about when you think that your all that you depend on a woman with two kids no job and still doing better then you. But there is a difference between me and you u I dont think that I am better then anyone else.  And I sure dont degrade someone that is trying to help you out we you have nothing. Your own friends wont help unless you have money to help out.


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