What I think

I wish that everything was not so hard to deal with. I wish it was easier to tell poeple what you are thinking and what is going on in your head. Without someone taking it the wrong way and starting a argument over something that is meant to be talked about. But no one in this world can just listen to what has to be said. It doesnt even have to be about what that person is doing wrong. It could be as simple as what is on that persons mind and why is things going a certain  way. But no one wants to look at anything they are doing. If they do it is only about whats going good in their life. Most poeple dont even care if they are hurting someone in the process.  The only time it matters is when it is convenient for them. Until they no longer have someone by there side. And then wonders why things are going wrong or asks god why have you done this to me.
I can listen to what anyone has to say bad or good. But the minute I have something to say im being judgemental or hateful. How is what I say always bad but when you have something to say it for the good of you. You can say hateful thing and expect that person just to take when you wont even listen to one word that is said about yourself.  Poeple always wants to be right but there are times that you will be wrong. And fir the people that can admit that there are wrong are the people that get pushed around because they dont have a ego the size of thw world. Please tell me if im wrong.


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