My Life

Why is it everyone needs to know everything you are doing. Why can’t they just let you do you and leave it at that. It’s not like it’s your life it’s mine. I just want everyone to leave me alone. I can do just done without you I have some it before I can continue to do it.



The whole world on my shoulders

Why does it seem like the whole world is on my shoulders? Why is it that I’m the one people depend on when their life goes wrong? How can I put it across to people that I’m not a super hero?  I just don’t understand how my life is not as important as yours. Or that I not doing things right but you can turn around and ask me to help them out. But didn’t you just say how much I am doing wrong. I really wish people would look at themselves before they talk about your life. But life has a way of showing people exactly what they doing wrong even if they don’t understand why. The reason why I know this is because I have seen it happen to a couple of people. And both people didn’t understand why things were going wrong. Karma is a Bitch.

Job searching again

Here I go on the job hint again. Now I’m looking for a job to pay more then $10 hour In order to survive. I think I will need some kind of office job to be able to keep my child care. But must office jobs require experience. Not everyone has experience. And it makes it harder to get a job.



Man, it feels like the end of the world. I can seem to catch a break anywhere. And it almost like no one I mean no one cares what happens. I probably could loll myself today and no one would even care long as they have the papers they need. Knowing that they can help they won’t and keep saying I can’t when we both know that you can you just don’t want too. Which is fucked up when I cAn always help no matter what. Even if I was to lose my place it’s ok for them to come and stay. I so tired of the people I know and some of my family. Because I can help but no one can help me. I should of just stayed in Oklahoma. 

State of Mind

Right now my state of mind is like why keep trying to move forward. When everything in the world keeps pushing me back. As soon as I take a step forward I get knocked back ten steps. The only thing keeping me going right now is my two wonderful kids that need their mother to be strong and make it through it all. Just so they can see the world in a different light then what it is now. To have a great life that they can look back on a say my mother did a damn good job at making the world look better. 

But it is hard to start over from the bottom and only get a quarter of the way up and have to start over again. 


Why don’t poeple just answer a question when it’s first given to them. If you need to think about then say so. Don’t just leave poeple hanging for a answer. And if your going to say no then just say no and that’s that nothing more to say. Don’t just leave someone with a open queston. Especially when they know you heard them ask it. 

And don’t say that I get back to you on that. Then you never speak to that person again. Just give the first answer you thought of and leave it as that.